24/7 Availability

Home Health Care Niagara

Around the clock accessibility for all needs

The nature of home care means that clients might need help at any time of day or night.  Whether it’s support to get up and get ready in the morning, to overnight care for peace of mind, Stay At Home Nursing is ready to help out.

Our clients needs range from simple support for daily living activities a few times a week to 24/7 care for palliative clients with complex medical needs.  Our Care Designers will work with you and your family to determine the care you need and the best way to provide it.

Once we have agreed on a schedule we will ensure we meet it, arriving within 7 minutes of the scheduled time, always.  Authorized family and friends can check in on our activities and progress notes at any time in our Family Portal to get updates on the care we provide.

And our care will always evolve to what’s needed.  As part of our service our Care Designers will meet with our clients every few weeks, and see if there are any change in conditions that require an update to our care plan.