Palliative Care

  • Enhancing patient's comfort and quality of life during difficult times

    A natural part of life is death, and being surrounded by loved ones at the end-of-life can be a powerful and peaceful place for many people.  Being in the home you lived in, raised your family in, and formed so many memories can help bring peace of mind to your final days.

    Palliative care for individuals with chronic disease may require ongoing nursing care and personal support with feeding, hygiene, medication management, wound care, and companionship.  Hospice care may involve even more complicated nursing care, including pain management.

    Our caregivers and nurses that provide palliative support do so with the utmost respect, love and care.  One of our most rewarding testaments is being mentioned in the eulogy of someone our team also came to love.

    Palliative and hospice care is often supported through local government services but often requires supplemental private care. Stay At Home Nursing is uniquely positioned to assist with this, and provide consistent care for your mom or dad with the same caregiver(s) should you choose to extend to private care.

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