Companionship and Recreation

  • Finding ways to do the things our clients love

    Homecare is not simply healthcare – we are there to build a relationship and offer companionship with our clients. Loneliness is one of the greatest sources of stress in our life, and stress has a huge impact on our health.

    Our Care Managers will work with our clients and families to try and find things they love to do – maybe they haven’t done them in a while as they get a bit harder to do. But there are always ways to find fun in life if we are creative.

    • Outings and social events, getting out to community centers
    • Exercise – walks, fresh air, maybe swimming if possible
    • Games and puzzles
    • Music, singing and dancing
    • Helping to connect to family – near and far.  Our caregivers can help set up video calls, or accompany clients to events.
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