Home Safety Assessment

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe

    Have you ever worried about leaving your mom or dad at home alone? Stay At Home Nursing helps relieve your stress with an in home safety assessment which identifies home safety concerns that may be a danger for your loved ones. Provide them the necessary protection they deserve and require.

    Our assessment looks for key details that can identify and determine proper actions that need to be implemented for increased safety in the home. These actions include but are not limited to; bathroom and bedroom safety, easy accessibility, tripping hazards, outdoor areas and additional concerns.

    Contact us to book your home safety assessment today and let us help your loved ones keep and maintain their independent living.

    • Eliminate Unforeseen Injury With Our In-home Safety Assessment
    • Thorough Analysis Of Safety Concerns For Seniors
    • Identify Key Dangers And Find Actionable Solutions That Keep You Safe

    Caregivers are trained and bonded, with full background checks. We can help with any activities of daily living, personal care, or meal prep that is needed to help mom and dad remain in their own home.

    On completion of our in-home safety assessment, our compassionate caregivers will determine how best to apply, address and implement your home safety needs. Restore self confidence at home and reduce concerns by allowing us to assist you. With our home safety assessment, we help you achieve your comfortable lifestyle while maintaining a safe living environment. Contact us now and enjoy peace of mind with our home safety evaluation.

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Hamilton and Niagara Region Home Safety Evaluation

What do we require to make a complete safety assessment?

After contacting us through our online form or by phone, we will select a convenient time for which one of our representatives will come to your home and complete our safety evaluation. During this time we will need access to your indoor and outdoor areas to best determine areas of concern, and help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements that need to be implemented. Afterwards we’ll provide a report with our recommendations as well as references to resources that can help implement necessary requirements.

Home Safety Evaluation Checklist

Concerns identified during in-home safety assessment

  • Loose or unsecured stair railings
  • Tripping hazards such as cords, clutter, rugs
  • Bed/furniture accessibility too high or too low
  • Poor lighting inside and out
  • Obstructions that prohibit movement
  • Slippery floors
  • Working fire and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Improperly stored medication

Examples of safety recommendations provided

  • Non-slip bath mats
  • Adding grab bars around your bath and toilet
  • Doormats that absorb water
  • Adding non-slip mats under rugs
  • Removal of excess furniture
  • Proper support from furniture
  • Adding an automatic chair lift
  • Replacing knobs and faucet handles with levers
  • Rerouting power cords that present a tripping hazard

Safety tips for living at home

  • Easy access to your home phone
  • A video doorbell or door peephole
  • Motion detecting lights
  • A home security system
  • A list of emergency phone numbers
  • Making items more accessible in closets and cupboards
  • Using a waterproof chair in the shower
  • Creating an emergency plan

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Stay At Home Nursing keeps your family safe

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