Meal Preparation and Diet Planning

  • Warm and nutritious meals

    Eating well is critical, and as we get older, or are on our own, taking the time for healthy and satisfying meals becomes a chore that many seniors give up on. But nutrition is medication – healthy eating will help boost the overall immune system and wellbeing of everyone.

    Our caregivers can assist with meal prep, or do full meal planning with our clients. We love to try and make these cooperative exercises, often working with our clients favourite recipes they remember from long ago and helping to re-create them. Some clients love to experiment and try different meals and flavours, others have their fixed favourites.

    • Do meal and grocery planning with client
    • Pick up groceries, or if the client is able, go with them to the store
    • Meal preparation and cooking
    • Snack preparation or easy to re-heat meals for days without caregivers
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