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Considerate, private, respectful, personal care & assistance

At Stay-at-Home Nursing Care Services we understand that with age, comes challenges. Day-to-day activities that were once taken for granted, now take time and effort. Whether it’s such tasks as dressing oneself, taking a bath, or light exercise, one of our caregivers can be there to help assist when things get a little too hard. By creating a plan with close observation and initiating dialogue, we can come together to build a compassionate and dignified strategy that will be safe and comfortable for your loved ones.

  • Assisting With Daily Routines
  • Providing Personal Hygiene Assistance
  • Creating a Dignified and Safe Environment

Our qualified and professional caregivers are here to help aid and continue your loved one’s independence by providing physical and cognitive assistance with everyday personal tasks.

Our hours of operation are determined by your schedule, not ours. Contact us at your convenience to get in touch with a Hamilton or Niagara region personal care professional today.

  • Personal Care Services

    • Dressing & Undressing
    • Eating Assistance
    • Hourly, Overnight or 24/7 Care
    • Home Companions
    • Insulin & Medication
    • Meal Preparation
    • Light Housekeeping
    • Morning / Evening Routines
    • Medical & Non-Medical Care
    • Nursing Care
    • Palliative & Hospice Support
    • Toileting/Continence Care
    • Dressing & Grooming
    • Transportation & Appointments
    • Shopping & Errands
    • Washing & Bathing
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Caring & Dignified Personal Care Services

Discover our personal care services for activities of daily living

Assistance With Daily Morning and Evening Routines

Stay At Home Nursing helps with creating an organized morning routine, which is a sure way to help prepare your loved one’s schedule for the day. The day starts with assisting you out of bed helping you with grooming and bathing, assisting throughout the day with medication administration, and ends with helping you back to bed, to get a restful and relaxing night of sleep.

Helping You Bathe In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Getting in and out of the tub can be challenging, especially for those who are frail or have disabilities. To help reduce the risk of falls, our personal care assistants can be there to help assist with washing, as well as for extra balance support. We also recommend adding supports and non-slip mats where needed for extra protection. When getting into the bathtub is not possible, bed baths are another option.

Restroom Assistance While Maintaining Your Dignity

Needing assistance going to the bathroom can be awkward and embarrassing, and most would avoid asking for help. Rest assured that Stay At Home Nursing caregivers respect your privacy and have a great deal of sensitivity if situations get delicate. That being said, caregivers are trained to give proper toilet assistance and accident & incontinence monitoring in a dignified and caring way.

Helping You Look Your Best

Conditions like pain and arthritis can make life difficult when it comes time to get dressed or undressed. Let Stay At Home Nursing tackle a variety of obstacles starting with morning challenges, such as doing up buttons and pulling up socks. We can help ease your day with accessories like shoe horns, grabbers and button pullers. We also recommend wardrobe changes that provide easy access to loose and comfortable clothing such as pants with elastic waistbands and shoelace-free shoes.

Staying Healthy With The Proper Hygiene

Bad hygiene could be a telltale sign that your loved ones are feeling the effects of aging. Stay At home Nursing can help ease daily hygiene routines by assisting with oral, hair, skin, and nail care. We provide support to help against infection, and to help you look, feel and stay clean!

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