Post Hospital Care Support

Be fully prepared after a hospital discharge

Transitioning from the hospital to home after an illness or surgery can be a stressful and difficult process. Though it may seem that the worst is over, there is always the risk that a patient may not be able to properly take care of themselves during this recovery time and end up back in the hospital.

Stay at Home Nursing Services will alleviate the stress caused by discharging a loved one after a hospital visit resulting in an effective and speedy recovery.

  • Reduce the Risk of Injury & Complications
  • Prevent Readmission to the Hospital
  • Get the Proper Care and Support

We understand how important it is that a patient gets the proper assistance required after a hospital discharge. By planning ahead, we can make recovery as comfortable as possible every step of the way.

Be reassured that your loved one is in good hands with one of our compassionate home care support workers that will tend to their needs. Whether they need medication and pain management, checking for infection or adverse reactions, personal and emotional support, long-term or short, we are there.

Let us deal with the difficult tasks while they can focus on the healing.

Need to talk to someone about post-hospital care and recovery at home?

Contact A Care Professional

  • Be Prepared.

    Things to know before being discharged:

    • Current medical condition before leaving the hospital
    •  Proper post-hospital care that may be required
    •  Is medical equipment required and how to obtain it
    •  Proper diet plans and physical activities to avoid
    •  Emergency contact numbers for questions or issues
    •  Know when you should contact medical personnel
    •  Schedules for follow-ups and future appointments
    •  Prescriptions and medication info with directions
    •  When to expect test results and recovery timelines
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Personal Care Services

Discover some of the assisted living services we provide

  • Dressing & Undressing
  • Eating Assistance
  • Hourly, Overnight or 24/7 Care
  • Home Companions
  • Insulin & Medication
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Morning / Evening Routines
  • Medical & Non-Medical Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Palliative & Hospice Support
  • Toileting/Continence Care
  • Dressing & Grooming
  • Transportation & Appointments
  • Shopping & Errands
  • Washing & Bathing